Customer Testimonials

We had a great experience with JT Custom Homes and our house is everything we dreamed it would be. My wife and I interviewed many builders in the area, but Thad’s communication style and his portfolio of homes were what we wanted and he made us a priority. He took the time from the Proposal to the Final Closing to listen to our questions and explain all the details, even it was a repeat of earlier discussions. Laura and he are true professionals and cared about our expectations and needs for building our home.

Construction started in August and ended in June, which was right on target for the schedule he gave us. Our favorite parts of the job he did for us was his ability to understand our requests for many aspects of the home, his collaboration and opinions for how to complete the designs, and his integrity throughout the build.

He really understood where we were coming from and stood with us through making decisions that would result in a “dream home” that we are extremely proud of. The house would not have been as beautiful without him or his crews. There were at least a half dozen times where we didn’t know how to explain something, but we had a vision, and Thad made it a reality. Prime example of that was to incorporate Grandpa’s 100-year old barn beams into the great room and kitchen. Thad came up with some fantastic suggestions and did the craftsman work himself. We are amazed at the result.

He also made the project work with our budget. He was willing to work with us on the spaces and rooms to help us meet budget goals. He gave us the information we needed to make decisions so that we ended up where we wanted to. Not all those decisions were easy but he helped us navigate it by providing his opinion of materials, installations, and labor to make sure our decisions fit with our expectations. In many cases he found ways to get work done under estimated costs by looking at new ways to do work.

My personal favorite part of Thad’s work was his integrity. He was completely open about what was going on from Day 1 to the Last Day, he raised issues and concerns early so we wouldn’t be surprised, and he looked out for our interests. He told us where to look for help when he was not comfortable doing the work instead of faking his way through it (wallpaper was not something he’d dealt with, so he pointed us to the right people). He held to his word, and held his team to their word. He put our interests ahead of sub-contractors and even his own. He was honest with us the entire time and that gave us 100% confidence in the direction he had us going.

We won’t hesitate to recommend JT Custom Homes to anyone that wants a great home, to feel like they are a priority, and that they are treated with honesty and integrity. Many thanks to Thad and Laura for all their hard work.

Best Regards,
Kyle Bennett, P.E.

"Even though you typically build much bigger and fancier homes than mine. None of these home owners are happier or more grateful than I am for the quality of your service and workmanship. Thank you very much."

Greg Northcutt

“I cannot speak highly enough of Thad Vaughn and JT Custom Homes. From the beginning, Thad and his team made this about building a home for my family, not just a house. Through the entire process, Thad was constantly soliciting our feedback and getting to know us and what we wanted. Before long, Thad knew exactly what we’d say and as a result, we have a home that is better than we ever imagined. We are proud to tell friends and family who built our home, and are honored to have worked with such a fantastic team.”

Darren & Rachel Stagnaro

"My experience with Thad Vaughn, owner of JT Custom Homes, and his crew can be summed up in a few simple sentences. Thad went to the trouble to understand what my wife and I were trying to accomplish and he made it happen. We were able to discuss any issues and options that kept us moving towards our goal of a vacation dream home. Out of those discussions we were able to choose the best, and sometimes more economical, options. I am a financial guy so on time and within budget are two of the most important things to me. I got what I wanted and my wife and I both got the reality of our dream. I need to add to that, that we had a lot of fun in the process."

Steve Sevruk

"Overall we were very pleased with JT Custom Homes. From the initial building quote to final inspection, there was regular and open communication that gave us the results we wanted. During the build process, designs don’t always work out the way you had hoped. Thad was able to effectively tackle these problems in a collaborative and productive manner. We shopped around for a builder for some time and were pleased to find a quality builder local to the Cle Elum area. He has an established network of subs and ties to the community. We wanted a Suncadia quality home for a fraction of the price and that’s what we got."

Mark Burton

"Our work with Thad Vaughn and JT Custom Homes was an enjoyable experience and best of all resulted in a beautiful custom home that we both were proud of. Thad's creativity to produce the look we wanted without the big price tag was so appreciated and respected. We recently put our home on the market and had an accepted offer in 10 days in large part to the quality, craftsmanship, and design of construction. I highly recommend JT Custom Homes."

Mark & Gayle Flatau

"In November 2012 we had our foundation poured and by April most of the snow was gone which allowed us to get an early start on our new home near Ronald. We were introduced to a local contractor, Thad Vaughn of JT Custom Homes, and after reviewing his availability we hired him to frame, side and roof our project. Our plan of building our dream home became a reality when construction started on April 8, 2013.

My husband and I were very impressed with Thad’s crew, they were very polite and professional, and would always stop working whenever we were on site to shake our hands and say hello, and then they would promptly go back to the task they were working on.

Thad’s knowledge is excellent and his resources are many. He was reasonably priced and with timely delivery. He made several suggestions that provided great enhancements to our home, which we are so happy with now.

By the first week in May the framing and roof were on when Thad could no longer work on our project due to other obligations. His work was excellent and we wished that JT Custom Homes would have had the time in his schedule to finish our home.

We highly recommend Thad Vaughn/JT Custom Homes if you are looking for an excellent General Contractor and we know his crew is highly skilled and dependable."

Don & Terri Frey

"I met Thad Vaughn of JT Custom Homes at a home on Lake Cle Elum that he had entered in the Kittitas County Street of Dreams. I could tell right away from the quality and design of his house, and his flexibility that he was the one I wanted to build my home. His pricing, his subs and the quality of materials he used were 2nd to none. I have to say, the number one thing I noticed about Thad is that he builds homes because he enjoys it, he enjoys seeing the customer watch as their dream home comes true, just as his logo states “We Build Dreams”. It’s not just a job for Thad, it’s his passion."

Ken Wilden